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Something strange in the seafoam
About Pennyverse
Concept art
Sebastian's bio
Colton's bio
Other bios
Ref sheets for Seb's arc:
Sebastian (nine-banded armadillo, 26)
Penny (housecat, 24)
Kevin (aardwolf, immortal demigod)
Catherine (pink fairy armadillo, 23)
Ref sheets for Colton's arc:
Colton (raccoon, 15)
Madeleine (fennec, 14)
Riley (river otter, 62)
Giulio (common seal, 65)
Apricot Bay's townies:
The Guardian of Apricot Bay (knob-tailed gecko, eternal spirit)
Arthur (red panda, 32)
Diesel (axolotl, 31)
Gonzo (bunny, 24)

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