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mariteaux's essays
Many thoughts, many words (all in Markdown)
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2021 essays:
I'm Still Fundamentally Disappointed in Gopher's Userbase (October 3rd, 2021)
Nostalgia vs. Wistfulness vs. A Productive View of the Past (July 29th, 2021)
2020 essays:
The Death of the Hobbyist (December 18th, 2020)
320kbps and Other Lossy Audio Voodoo (September 21st, 2020)
On Website Restoration (September 2nd, 2020)
HTTPS is a Pyrrhic Victory (July 23rd, 2020)
The Exaggerated Death of Optical (July 14th, 2020)
Leaving Discord Behind (July 10th, 2020)
The Luddite in Me Screams (June 29th, 2020)
Cleaning Up "Pocketwatch" (June 9th, 2020)
Tools, Toys, and You and I (May 9, 2020)
Why Gopher Will Fail (May 3, 2020)
Why Gopher Will Succeed (May 2, 2020)
How Did Play MP3s? (April 4, 2020)
A Follow-Up to (February 2, 2020)
The Tragedy of (January 15, 2020)
Five Reasons I've Stopped Reading Your Story (January 3, 2020)
2019 essays:
The Cassette Sideshow (December 18, 2019)
Studies (December 11, 2019)
Lovey-Dovey (December 5, 2019)
End it Someday: Looking Back on With the Lights Out (November 23, 2019)
How the Goldfish Man Changed My Life (November 2, 2019)
How the Feed Killed Creation (September 7, 2019)
On Purpose (June 3, 2019)
The Web is a Shitty App Platform (May 9, 2019)
2018 essays:
Shiny, Lightweight, Universal (Pick Two) (November 2018)
Some Empty Friend (A Bit on Fake Niceness) (October 2018)
In Defense of Discord (August 2018)

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