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Clunky, catchy machine rock from your bedroom
About aphrodisiac
All downloads are in 8-bit/11khz WAV. Download sizes are printed.
Higher quality versions are available on my Bandcamp:
aphrodisiac Bandcamp
LATEST ALBUM: In Free Fall (April 1, 2019)
01 This Nadir [3mb]
02 Apologies to the Disco Jellyfish [4.3mb]
03 A Crush of Bodies [4.9mb]
04 Ventolin [2.5mb]
05 Looking Up [6.4mb]
06 Chimerical [5.3mb]
07 At Ghostgrove Point [5.8mb]
08 Kaden [6mb]
Yellow Bug in Space (mtlx outtake, 2020) [9.4mb, 22khz]
Yeehaw (2018) [2.6mb]
TAVERN WENCH [TRAP REMIX] [BASS BOOSTED] [FT. SIRI] (fucking loud, 2016) [1.7mb]
Lauren (2016) [2.9mb]
Various Murky Basements [3.3mb]
Didanosine (2015) [4.8mb]
Chimerical (demo, 2015) [4.1mb]

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